Sermon in a Nutshell – Matthew 5:38-48

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Sermon in a Nutshell is a weekly series that recaps the sermon from the previous Sunday. 

Preached on July 10th, 2016 at Northwest Baptist Church.

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:38-48

Nutshell: Jesus calls his followers to respond in “different” ways than how the people of the world are prone to respond. Many people have mistaken Jesus’ words of “turning the other cheek” to mean that we are to allow other people to run us over. However, that is not what Jesus meant or what
He said. Jesus doesn’t call us to be the punching bags for those who wish to hurt us. He has called us, however,  to respond with love, respect, and mercy. Turning the cheek was a gesture of respect towards the other person. It was the oppo
Different graphic for bulletinsite reaction of what one would except. Instead of fighting back we are to show our enemy a greater love than the hate they’ve shown us. If that wasn’t clear enough, Jesus’ next words spell out what exactly what He meant. Jesus said that we are to “love our enemies.” It is easy to love other people who love us, but to love those who hate us? We have no power apart from the gospel  to love in this way. This is not the way of the world, but the way of the gospel and of Jesus’ Kingdom. The way of Jesus is to love other people regardless of the way
that they have treated you.  We must be people who are willing to go the extra mile to show respect, love, kindness, and mercy.

To watch the whole sermon watch the video below.

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