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SUMMARY:I believe one of the greatest tragedies of the Christian life is the ignorance of the absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit. It is for this reason that I believe many Christians are living powerless lives. I think the main reason for this is because we don’t know who He is.  Who is the Holy Spirit? Do we really need Him? Is He still relevant for our everyday life? I have written a new book entitled Breath Upon Breath that will explores these questions and more. I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is as vital to our spiritual life as breathing is to our physical life. The Holy Spirit is our Breath Upon Breath. 





A journey of rediscovering the power of the gospel and our identity in Christ. Gospel Confusion: Confessions of a pastor is my personal story of how I missed and confused the gospel. It is a story of my journey through legalism, moralism and some of the things I learned about myself along the way. One of the greatest struggles facing believers today is one of identity. Who are we? Welcome to the story of my Gospel Confusion.

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What if I told you that it never runs out? It. just. keeps. flowing. It is free and abundant.It is refreshes and satisfies.It’s there when you need it. And there when you think you don’t. It dwells amongst the lonely.
It defines the confused. It defends the weak. It delivers the criminal and it raises the dead. This is Grace Upon Grace. A 40 day devotional book that explores that grace of God. Jesus is the grace of God personified in human flesh.

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A 50 Day journey of discovering that Jesus is the answer to every promise of God. The entire Bible is about Jesus. This devotional book briefly surveys each book of the Bible to discover the truth behind 2 Corinthians 1:20.

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A 40 day devotional book written for Northwest Baptist Church during our 40 Days of Light 2013 Fall Campaign. The book is comprised of 40 easy to read daily devotionals.

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